Umbrella "Pic Nic"

Color: LightBlue

Umbrella for pic nic with chestnut wood handle

Multipurpose picnic umbrella. By unscrewing the handle and inserting the pole with brass spike, the umbrella turns into a practical and elegant picnic or beach umbrella. Instead, by inserting the handle directly into the shaft, we obtain a mountain stick, ideal for your walks in the woods or in the countryside. The handle and shaft are made of the highest quality chestnut wood.

Sku: 800863

Nickel-plated brass plate with engraved Larusmiani logo

Unscrewable handle

Chestnut wood shaft with nickel-plated brass finial.

Adapter for screwing the handle to the shaft

Made in Italy

Umbrella length: 107 cm

Shaft lenght: 99 cm

Chestnut wood

Water resistant polyester fabric

For best product maintenance, always use specific caring products readily available on the market

The ritual of the picnic originated around 1600 when nobles on hunting expeditions would stop to eat outdoors, consuming quick lunches in the midst of nature. It soon became a popular custom among the nobility and bourgeoisie and spread as a kind of elegant transgression.

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