1. Cookie
    A cookie is a small text string that websites send to the User's computer browser, where they are stored when the User visits a website, and then sent back to the same websites on subsequent visits. The Company uses cookies to make the Site work or to improve its performance, but also to provide information about the Site or the User's browsing, and for other purposes, as better described below.

    7.1 Technical cookies
    Technical cookies are essential to allow the User to navigate within the Site and use its features, remember User's choices (e.g. language, country of origin, etc.), distribute requests to multiple servers, store when the User gives consent to certain options (e.g. accepting the use of certain cookies by bypassing the informative banner). These cookies do not require the User's consent. The following technical cookies are installed on the Site:

    Cookie Function Validity Source Privacy Information _ga Used to register the number of visitors and demographic data in aggregated form 24 months Third Party Google Analytics: _gid 24 hours _gat Used to speed up access requests 1 minute rskxRunCookie, rCookie, lastRskxRun Used by Riskfield to prevent fraud 31/12/2030 Riskified: cortexSession The cortexSession cookie is used to store the session identifier When the browser is closed Proprietary

    7.2 Performance and analytics cookies by the Company

    These cookies can be session or persistent, and their use is limited to the performance and improvement of the Site. These cookies allow the recognition, measurement, and tracking of Site visitors, thus allowing the improvement and refinement of the Site, for example by determining whether the User can easily find the desired information, or by identifying which aspects of the Site are of greater interest. These cookies are used by the Company to process statistical and anonymous analysis of users' browsing behavior on the Site, the number of pages visited, or the number of clicks made on a page during navigation. These cookies are considered technical cookies under privacy regulations and, therefore, do not require the User's consent.

    7.3 Third-party performance and analytics cookies
    The Company may also use third-party analytical and performance cookies on the Site, particularly from Google (i.e., "Google Analytics" and "Search Console"), for the same purposes described above, in order to analyze Users' navigation behavior on the Site, the number of pages visited, the number of clicks made on a page during navigation, or on the Site based on Google search results. The Company treats the results of these analyzes only if the third party uses cookies in connection with the browser installed on the User's computer or other devices used by the User to navigate the Site.

    For information on how to manage Google Analytics performance and analytics cookies installed by Google, as well as to reject them, we recommend consulting Google's Privacy Policy at the following link and if you wish to prevent Google Analytics from using your data. For information on how to manage Search Console analytics technologies installed by Google, as well as to reject them, we recommend consulting Google's Privacy Policy at the following link and if you wish to use these technologies.

    7.4 Company-installed profiling cookies
    These cookies are activated in relation to the content displayed and the User's use of the Site. This allows the Site to record and store the preferences expressed by each User during subsequent visits, allowing the analysis of the User's behavior on the Site and the customization of certain aspects of the Site based on the individual User, in order to improve the content and send personalized advertising messages (e.g. banners) in line with the preferences expressed by the User during online navigation. This type of cookie can also be used to limit the number of times a specific advertisement is displayed and to help measure the effectiveness of an advertising campaign. Also in this case, the User's consent is expressed through the choice to activate them through the informative banner on cookies.

    In addition, on its pages, as well as in emails sent to the User, the Site may include web beacons and electronic images, so-called "one pixel GIFs," "clear GIFs," or "pixel tags" that, if clicked, allow the counting of the number of users who have visited the pages of the Site or have accessed the contents of the communications, allowing not only the collection of statistical data but also the identification of the characteristics and content that are of most interest to individual Users in order to provide more personalized information.

    Click here if you want to refuse the use of these cookies [link].

    7.5 Social plugin and social widgets/buttons
    The Company uses cookies on the Site that are used by operators other than the Owner to identify registered (and non-registered) users of social media for market analysis and product development purposes. Since the Company does not manage these cookies, it is recommended to consult the website of the third-party operator before clicking on the link on this Site to understand the practices and control systems adopted by the third party.

    On the Site, it is also possible to find social buttons/widgets, which are those special "buttons" depicting social network icons (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, and Instagram). These "buttons" allow Users browsing the Site to reach and interact with social networks directly with a "click" button. Thanks to your click on the social buttons/widgets, the social network acquires data related to your visit. Outside of these cases, where you voluntarily choose to share your browsing data with the selected social networks through the click, the Owner does not share any navigation information or user data acquired through its sites with social networks accessible through social buttons/widgets.

    7.6 Disabling cookies through the browser
    In addition to being able to choose whether to accept or reject all or part of the cookies used by the Site for further purposes using the mechanisms illustrated in this Privacy and Cookie Policy, in the future, if desired, the User may also delete cookies placed by the Site from their browser through the browser's settings.

    Most web browsers are set to accept cookies. However, you can configure your browser to restrict the number of accepted cookies or block all cookies, by changing the browser settings in the following ways:

    Microsoft Internet Explorer

    Click the 'Tools' icon in the upper right corner and select 'Internet Options.' In the pop-up window, select 'Privacy.' Here you can change the cookie settings.

    Google Chrome Click the "wrench" icon in the upper right corner and select 'Settings.' Then select 'Show advanced settings' and change the 'Privacy' settings.

    Mozilla Firefox From the drop-down menu in the upper left corner, select 'Options.' In the pop-up window, select 'Privacy.' Here you can adjust the cookie settings. Safari

    From the drop-down menu in the upper right corner, select 'Preferences.' Select 'Security' and here you can adjust the cookie settings. It should be noted, however, that disabling the use of all cookies on the Site (including technical cookies) will compromise some functionalities.

    7.7 Further information on cookies
    The website provides instructions for managing cookies on the most popular browsers; alternatively, you can consult the documentation provided with the software used on your device.

    8. Changes to the Privacy and Cookie Policy

    The Company reserves the right to make changes to this Privacy and Cookie Policy at any time, with notice by publishing it on the Site.

    We invite the User to check for such updates on the Site.

    If the changes are particularly significant and/or have a high impact on the User's rights, the Company may also communicate them to the User through a different method (e.g. sending an email).