The Automotive Gallery - 09. Stratos Group 4

Color: White

Limited edition Automotive Gallery collectible box with a 100% cotton T-shirt dedicated to the iconic rally car

Considered one of the most iconic and collectible sports cars in Italian history, the Lancia Stratos won victory after victory, becoming the "ultimate weapon" of rallying. From '74 to '76, it won the Monte Carlo Rally three times and in '77, it won the FIA World Rally Drivers' Championship with Sandro Munari.
Recognized globally for its unmatched qualities, this extraordinary car was selected for the Automotive Gallery project.

The 100% white cotton T-shirt with a design created by the LARUSMIANI creative division is included inside an exclusive blue Larus box.

SKU: 026470

Limited Edition

Lancia Stratos Group 4 Print

Made in Italy

100% cotton

Cold wash

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