The Automotive Gallery - 04. S81 Stola Stratos

Color: White

Automotive Gallery limited edition collector's box set with 100% cotton T-shirt dedicated to the S81, a modern-day prototype of the famous Lancia Stola Stratos

Designed to be the heir to the legendary Lancia Stratos, this car is the passionate creation of Marcello Gandini, the same designer behind the original vehicle, and today finds a home in the collection of the milanese architect and entrepreneur Corrado Lopresto, alongside other magnificent automobiles.
While respecting the original wedge shape, improvements were made to give it a rugged and modern feel. For these reasons it becomes part of THE AUTOMOTIVE GALLERY project.

The white 100% cotton T-shirt with a print designed by LARUSMIANI's creative division is included inside an exclusive blue Larus box.

SKU: 026455

Limited Edition

Print S81 Stratos Stole

Made in Italy

100% cotton

Cold wash

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