Swizzle Stick "Queen"

Color: Neutral

Swizzle stick silver plated

The Champagne Swizzle Stick "Queen" is characterised by its uniquely hand-finished silver plated brass. The swizzle stick is equipped with a cylindrical barrel, that extends by moving the band upwards to reveal a five prong stirrer with ball. Commonly used to remove bubbles from a champagne, today the swizzle stick can also be used for cocktails.

Made in Italy

Lenght closed: 9 cm

Lenght open: 13 cm

Widht: 0.4 cm

Silver plated brass

Wash it with warm water and delicate soap

Never leave item soaking in water

Use a very soft cloth to polish it to avoid any kind of abrasion.

Use specific silver caring products readily available on the market

In the XXIII century, champagne was the only wine that ladies could drink together with men; this is the reason why Queen Victoria used the sticks to mix the unpleasant champagne bubbles while the ladies of the court used it to eliminate gas from the bubbles considering that a glass of champane or of a sparkling wine can cause, even today, a higher and faster level of inebriation than a glass of wine. Nowadays, the swizzle stick has been used both to decrease the carbonation in champagne and to mix soft drinks and cocktails.

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