Spreader Knife “Beatrice”

Color: Neutral

Mother of pearl spreader knife

The mother of pearl has always been chosen as the preferred material to taste caviar since metal could ruin the qualities of this precious luxury food. The material is obtained by smoothing the shells and it is very appreciated for its iridescent colours.

Made in Italy

Total Height: 10,5 cm

Total Width: 0,2 cm

Mother of pearl

Never use dishwasher but wash the item by hand using warm water (not hot water)

Use a toothbrush with soft brisles to avoid scratching the surface.

Never use strong or abrasive detergents for the cleaning (detergents, soaps or acid liquids)

Dry it with a cotton cloth

Traditionally considered one of the typical russian delicacies – where it started to spread in the XVII century – actually the caviar was born in Italy, it was one of the most appreciated delicacies for the Renaissance courts. According to legend, in 1491, Leonardo da Vinci was walking along the Ticino river in Pavia, saw a big sturgeon in the river and had the idea of giving Beatrice d’Este the precious eggs, small like pearls but with a delicious and rare taste. It is said that during the wedding banquet of the duchesse and Ludovico il Moro, Renaissance artist gifted the bride a box of sturgeon eggs encrusted with gemstones like a precious jewel.

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