Shaving Brush “ L. Pirandello”

Color: Neutral

Shaving brush in snakewood

Beautifully polished shaving brush featuring a snakewood handle for an exotic yet elegant touch.

Luigi Pirandello was an italian dramatist, novelist and poet, awarded the 1934 Nobel Prize in Literature. For his production, the topics covered and the innovation of the theatrical stories he has been considered one of the most important dramatists of the XX century. Widely cultivated but also obsessed with his image, his picture with the gray goatee and the cigarette in his hand will become the cover of many magazines.

Made in Italy

Natural bristles

Clean it with warm water

After use, place it with the bristles facing down to tap out excess water thus avoiding water stagnation inside the bristles

Never leave it under dry heat (for ex. the sun)

Keep it in a dry environment

Never leave it soaking in water

Avoid strong and abrasive detergents for the cleaning

Bristle length: 5 cm

Handle diameter: 2,5 cm

Handle length: 5 cm


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