Set of two hunting knives

Color: Neutral

Set of two hunting knives with deer handle

A very rare and unique set consisting of two hunting blades (drop point and utility) with stick tang construction, deer handles and steel ends. Originally this construction was a classic way to attach a blade to a handle from the time when all knives were forged, because the grip for the forging pliers was forged into a long pin that would disappear into the handle. A stick tang is also called a rat tang, because it resembles a rat tail coming from the knife. This knives set was created by the famous American knife-maker John Young. It comes with two handmade natural leather covers with a loop to hang it on your belt. The uniqueness of this set also lies in the fact that they are the only two knives produced by Young with this type of construction.

Made in U.S.A

Stick tang construction

Steel ends

Drop point knife:

Blade lenght: 9 cm

Blade widht: 2,5 cm

Handle lenght: 11,3 cm

Utility knife:

Blade lenght: 8 cm

Blade widht: 2,3 cm

Handle lenght: 11,3 cm


ATS-34 steel

Calfskin leather *

Never leave item soaking in water

Use a very soft cloth to polish it to avoid any kind of abrasion.

* The calfskin that is marketed comes exclusively from controlled farms, they are not part of protected species and are not threatened with extinction.

John Young is one of the hottest custom knife makers in the world today. Mentored by Steve Johnson (who is a world class maker who at one time worked as a partner of Bob Loveless), his knack for creating a distinctive and beautiful blade puts him in world class company. Each knife made by John meets the exacting standard and superior workmanship of a master craftsman. From the tip of the blade to the end of the hilt, there is no room for compromise in the quality of materials or the care taken to create each work of art. Your investment in a John Young knife will bring you lasting satisfaction.

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