Color: Beige

Camel scarf

This pure camel scarf is characterized by fringes along the edges, which add a touch of elegance and movement. The soft and warm texture of camel makes this scarf perfect for winter, while the fringes give a sophisticated and trendy look. The scarf is versatile and can be worn in different ways, such as wrapped around the neck or free. An elegant accessory to complete any outfit.

With fringes
Width 30 cms
Length 160 cm
Made in Italy

100% Camel
Dry Clean

In the Middle Ages, scarves were used by knights as a banner to distinguish themselves in battle. During the Renaissance, scarves were popular among women as an ornament for their dress. In the 19th century, cashmere scarves were popular among the upper classes, while in subsequent centuries they became a common accessory for men and women. Today, scarves are still used for practical purposes, such as protecting from the cold, but also as a fashion item.

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