Roast set prestige

Color: Brown

Roast set prestige

Fine roast set composed by a folding blade knife and a fork. Handles are made with deer horns and tools with stainless steel. A set which will make your table even more sophisticated and will give a touch of elegance to the barbecue you will organize with family and friends.

Folding knife
Knife and fork in polished stainless steel
Handles made with deer horn
Made in France

Deer horn *
Polished stainless steel
Keep away from direct sunlight
Keep away from water
*No deer is abused or deprived of his antlers in a violent way. Each year the male deers spontaneously lose their antlers between February and March, after the mating season, the regrowth of the new antlers begins shortly after.
Knife length: 38 cm
Fork length: 29 cm

The tradition of serving roast with potatoes on Sundays, have been existed in Italy since 60’s and is so important that in many cooking books this meal is indicated as the “Sunday roast”. Made of beef or veal, in many cultures, the roast is considered the party dish.

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