Prosciutto Knife "Maestro Salatore"

Color: Black

Prosciutto Knife with Olive Wood Handle

The "Maestro Salatore" prosciutto knife is is composed by a hand-finished olive wood handle and a high quality stainless steel blade. It is sold in a leather case which protects it from scratches when not in use.

Leather case in natural colour with contrast seams

Stainless steel blade

Larusmiani logo engraved on the blade

Olive wood handle

Made in Italy

Blade length: 27,5 cm

Blade width: 2 cm

Handle length: 13 cm

Handle width: 1,5 cm

Olive wood

Stainless Steel

Calf leather *

Keep away from direct sunlight

Keep away from water

For best leather maintenance, always use specific leather caring products readily available on the market.

* The calf leather used exclusively come from controlled breeding, from animals not protected by government laws since they are not under threat of extinction.

The “prosciutto crudo” dates back to the Longobard period when the tradition to cure the pork meat started in Italy In modern times, the pork meats were offered on rich and sumptuous banquets while at the beginning of XIX century the first food labs and butchers opened. From that time the fame of the “prosciutto crudo” together with other italian salami started to spread thanks also to the foreign tourists who promote its quality and taste, exactly as it happens these days.

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