Plate "Viscum Album"

Color: Neutral

Hand-painted porcelain ornamental plate -Limited Edition

Ornamental plate in Limoges porcelain, a material famous all over the world for its quality and finesse. Hand-painted with a mistletoe brunch with its typical oval shape leaves and white berries.

Colour: white

Decoration: mistletoe brunch with white berries

Pure gold thread on the edge

Chrome green “Limoges Porcelain France” mark on the back

Larusmiani logo on the back

Handmade in Italy

Diameter: 26,5 cm

Limoges porcelain

Very ancient legends and traditions are linked to the mistletoe. It is still considered of good luck during christmas period in many countries. In the sixth book of the Roman epic poem the Aeneid, Virgil tells that the Sibyl (priestess) from the Temple of Apollo instructs Virgilio’s hero Aeneas to take a golden branch of mistletoe to present to the Fates to grant him passage to the underworld.

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