Plate “Punica Granatum”

Color: Neutral

Hand-painted porcelain ornamental plate -Limited Edition

Ornamental plate in Limoges porcelain, a material famous all over the world for its quality and finesse. Hand-painted with an half -section of a pomegranate fruit with its brillant red-purple seeds.

Colour: white

Decoration: half-section of a pomegranate fruit

Pure gold thread on the edge

Chrome green “Limoges Porcelain France” mark on the back

Larusmiani logo on the back

Handmade in Italy

Diameter: 26 cm

Limoges porcelain

Symbol par excellence of fertility, love and friendship, Romans knew this fruit with the name of Punica Granatum; Punica because it first appeared in Europe during the Punic Wars and Granatum from the dark red colour of its flowers.

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