Picnic Set "Petit Déjeuner Sur L'Herbe"

Color: Neutral

Pocket-size deer horn picnic set

The beautiful "Petit Déjeuner Sur L'Herbe" picnic set takes its name from Manet’s famous oil painting representing a lush picnic in the countryside. Being the smaller sister of the Picnic Basket, the "Petit Déjeuner Sur L'Herbe" holds up all you need for a nice picnic in a small black leather case: a foldable fork, a foldable knife with a corkscrew and a foldable spoon, all of them manufactured from deer horn and stainless steel, thus making this tool a handy and elegant companion for every gentleman on his way out to the country.

Colour: Black

Foldable hand-finished stainless steel fork with horn deer handle.

Foldable hand-finished stainless steel knife with corkscrew with horn deer handle

Foldable hand finished stainless steel spoon with horn deer handle.

Leather case

Height: 3 cm

Length: 11 cm

Width: 9 cm

Calf leather *

Keep away from direct sunlight

Keep away from water

For best leather maintenance, always use specific leather caring products readily available on the market

Stainless steel

Deer Horn**

Never leave item under direct heat (sun for example)

Keep in a dry environment

Never use dishwasher

Wash it with warm water and delicate soap

Never leave item soaking in water

Avoid chemicals, strong detergents, abrasive cleaning materials or scrubbers

* The calf leather used exclusively come from controlled breeding, from animals not protected by government laws since they are not under threat of extinction.

**No deer is abused or deprived of his antlers in a violent way. Each year the male deer spontaneously lose their antlers between February and March, after the mating season, the regrowth of the new antlers begins shortly after.

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