Nail Brush “China”

Color: White

Nail brush

Curve nail brush in ebony macassar wood and natural brisles. Coming from the historical catalogue of G. Lorenzi, Via Montenapoleone 9 in Milan, it is the ideal accessory to keep your nails clean. The natural bristles easily remove any dirt or germs without scratching or ruining the finger delicate skin of your hands.

Body made in macassar dark brown ebony with natural darker veins

“Logo G. Lorenzi – Via Montenapoleone 9 – Milano - Italia” carved on the body

White natural bristles

Made in Italy

Length: 9,8 cm

Widht: 4,2 cm

Height: 2,8 cm

Macassar ebony wood

Natural bristles

Did you know that?

Chinese royals used to stain their fingernails; as soon as even lower classes did that, they began to apply precious stones or other rich ornaments on their fingernails as a representaion of social class. During Zhou dinasty (600 a.c.) gold and silver were used to make the colours used by nobles.

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