Hunting Knife "Sika"

Color: Neutral

Foldable hunting knife

The hunting knife "Sika" is named after Europe's rarest and most majestic deer species. The "Sika" holds a 8 cm blade, made from high-grade stainless steel, that is secured by a locking system regulated by pulling a ring. The beautifully hand-finished snakewood handle ensures longevity and class elevating the "Sika" in becoming the ideal companion for a remote adventure in the nature, as well as the urban jungle.

Stainless Steel Blade

Snakewood Handle

Leather Pouch

Embossed LARUSMIANI emblem on the blade

Made in France

Blade length: 8 cm

Stainless Steel


Never leave under direct heat (sun for example)

Keep in a dry environment

Wash it with warm water and delicate soap

Never leave the item soaking in water

Avoid chemicals strong detergents, abrasive cleaning materials or scrubbers

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