Gardening kit "Le Nôtre"

Color: Neutral

Gardening kit with leather and bamboo details.

Beautiful gardening kit consisting of a grafting knife, a pair of leather gardening gloves, a rake, a dustpan and a one-hand scissors.
All tools are enriched with bamboo and leather details, set in a practical apron, also made of leather.
Add a touch of class to the care of your terraces and gardens.

Apron available in brown colour

Made in Italy

Apron lenght: 50 cm

Apron height: 23 cm

Calfskin leather*



Clean tools manually

Never leave in water

Use a very soft cloth to avoid any abrasion

Use specific products available on the market

* The calfskin that is marketed comes exclusively from controlled farms, they are not part of protected species and are not threatened with extinction.

André Le Nôtre was a famous courtier and friend of Louis XIV of France: his father Jean Le Nôtre was Louis XIII's gardener. He was gardener to King Louis XIV, contributing to the construction and design of the gardens of Versailles. He was commissioned to embellish the Tuileries Gardens and he extended their perspective with new rows of trees, giving shape to what would become the current Champs-Elysées avenue.

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