Dog Brush "Fido"

Color: Black

Dog brush in ebony macassar wood

Rectangular dog brush in ebony macassar wood. Coming from the historical catalogue of G. Lorenzi in Via Montenapoleone 9 – Milan, with its natural bristles it is the indispensable accessory for the beauty and care of your dog hair, perfect to remove dog’s undercoat and dead hair.

Body made in macassar dark brown ebony with natural darker veins

Logo “G. Lorenzi – Via Montenapoleone 9 – Milano – Italia” carved on the body

Black natural bristles

Cotton red handle

Made in Italy

Length: 13 cm

Width: 6,5 cm

Height: 3,5 cm

Ebony wood

Natural bristles


One day in 1941, not far from Florence in the little city of Luco del Mugello, a laborer named Carlo Soriani found a little abandoned dog and decided to bring it home and to call him Fido. They became fast friends and the young dog follwed him everywhere. Every morning Fido followed Carlo to the bus stop in the town where Carlo caught the early morning bus to work and returned to the bus stop on the evening to greet his friend after work. In 1943 the little town was bombed by the Allies and Carlo was killed. Fido returned to the bus stop every day for about 14 years looking for his loved friend among the departing passengers. This example of devotion and loyalty that went on for 14 years encouraged the Mayor of Borgo San Lorenzo to give him the golden medal in 1957. Later on a bronze statue had been commissioned by the town. with written on: To Fido, an example of loyalty. From then, in Italy, Fido is the typical name we think of when we speak about the loyalty relationship between a dog and his owner.

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