Cornillon Hunting Knife

Color: Neutral

Folding Knife with Stag Horn Handle

Hunting knife with a stag horn handle, featuring 3 tools:
a blade for skinning, a saw for cutting tough parts, and a corkscrew.
The complexity of its craftsmanship lies in the integration of the blade and saw into the stag horn handle. The handle is not made by joining two pieces of stag horn together; instead, it's a single piece with a groove for the insertion of the blade and its tang. Only a highly experienced artisan can perform such precise work.

SKU: 800189

Blade locking system with a forced crank

Stag Horn*

Stainless Steel

Never leave it in water for too long

Use a very soft cloth for polishing to avoid any abrasion

* No deer is mistreated or violently deprived of its antlers. Every year, male deer naturally shed their antlers between February and March, after the mating season, and the regrowth of new antlers begins shortly thereafter.

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