Corkscrew Barbaresco

Color: LightGray

Brass corkscrew with natural horn handle.

The Barbaresco corkscrew is made of the highest quality brass and features a hand-finished natural horn handle, bringing the thrill of the hunt to your kitchen.

SKU: 800048

- LightGray:
Chrome-plated brass
Light ox horn handle

- Gray:
Chrome-plated brass
Deer horn handle*

- Yellow:
Golden brass
Dark ox horn handle

Made in Italy

Total length: 18 cm

Body width: 7.5 cm

Body thickness: 4.5 cm

Chrome and gold-plated brass

Do not expose to prolonged dry heat (e.g., the sun)

Store in a dry place

Wash by hand with warm water and a mildly soapy solution

Never leave too long in water

Do not use harsh or abrasive detergents for cleaning

Do not use in a dishwasher

Deer antlers *

* No roe deer are mistreated or deprived of their antlers violently. Each year male roe deer spontaneously lose their antlers between October and November; regrowth of new antlers begins shortly thereafter.

Barbaresco has ancient origins rooted in imperial times. A wine considered among the finest in Italy, it is normally considered ready to drink 4-8 years after harvest, but it can be left to mature even longer-there are examples of Barbaresco aged up to 30 years, with excellent results.

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