Carbon Fiber Shaving Brush

Color: Black

Shaving brush with a carbon fiber handle and natural badger bristles.

The LARUSMIANI carbon fiber shaving brush is handcrafted in Italy by skilled artisans. The carbon fiber is pre-impregnated with epoxy resin, polymerized at high temperatures and pressure, layered, and finally protected by a multi-layer lacquer to preserve its structural integrity and enhance its aesthetics. To complete a full set, LARUSMIANI suggests pairing this razor with the Carbon Fiber Shaving Brush.

SKU: 801033

Carbon fiber handle

Made in Italy

Carbon fiber

Natural badger bristles

Clean with lukewarm water

After use, place the brush upside down to allow water to drain from the bristles and prevent prolonged water stagnation inside the brush head.

Do not expose to prolonged dry heat (e.g., sunlight)

Store in a dry place

Never leave in water for too long

Do not use aggressive or abrasive cleaners for cleaning

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