Carbon fiber Backgammon Set

Color: Black

Carbon Fiber Backgammon Set

Handcrafted set made from the finest sycamore wood with a calf leather-covered board dyed with vegetable tanning, crafted by Florentine leather artisans, and carbon fiber. Exceptional strength, long-lasting durability, very low specific density, and reduced weight are the distinctive characteristics of carbon fiber that make this Backgammon set one-of-a-kind.

SKU: 800722

External Covering in Carbon Fiber

Interior lined with calf leather

Made in France

Width: 54.5 cm
Height: 7 cm
Depth: 35.7 cm

Calf Leather*

Carbon Fiber

*Calf leather used in our products comes from controlled farms, is not sourced from protected species, and is not endangered.

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