Camouflage Scarf

Color: MidnightBlue

Cashmere and silk scarf

The cashmere and silk camouflage logo scarf is a unisex accessory with a unique design. Made with a blend of high quality cashmere and silk, it guarantees comfort and softness to the touch. The camouflage motif fits perfectly both for a casual look and for a more elegant one. The logo, sewn into one corner, is a distinctive detail that makes it unique. Ideal for all seasons, it is a versatile and trendy accessory.

Color: Blue, Green
Width 29cms
Length 174cm

Made in Italy

51% Silk
49% Cashmere
Dry Clean

The history of the scarf dates back to ancient times, when Egyptians and Romans wore them as protection from the cold and as a sign of social status. In the Middle Ages, scarves were used by knights as a banner to distinguish themselves in battle. During the Renaissance, scarves were popular among women as an ornament for their dress. In the 19th century, wool and silk scarves were popular among the upper classes, while in subsequent centuries they became a common accessory for men and women. Today, scarves are still used for practical purposes, such as protecting from the cold, but also as a fashion item.

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