Bottle Opener "Gazzosa"

Color: Neutral

Mother of pearl bottle opener

The bottle opener "Gazzosa” is in polished stainless steel with the finest mother of pearl handle.

Mother of pearl handle

Stainless steel opener

Made in Italy

Bottle opener length: 5cm

Bottle opener width: 3 cm

Handle length: 9 cm

Handle width: 1.5 cm

Stainless steel

Mother of pearl

Never use dishwasher but wash the item by hand using warm water (not hot water)

Use a toothbrush with soft brisles to avoid scratching the surface only for the mother of pearl part.

Never use strong or abrasive detergents for the cleaning (detergents, soaps or acid liquids)

Dry it with a cotton cloth

Italian soft drinks are part of the Italian cultural heritage, a piece of our history and popular tradition.

Gazzosa is a sweetened and slightly carbonated water whose name comes from its own feature, the “gas”. Born in Ticino in the XIX century, it has been the most popular beverage for all the XX century and very appreciated even nowadays. It was called “the poor man’s Champagne” because of the bubbles, reminiscent of Champagne.

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