Umbrella "Regimental"

Color: DarkRed

Umbrella with chestnut wood handle

This handmade umbrella is made of chestnut wood. The fabric print has a "Regimental" pattern that gives it a touch of british elegance. The tip and handle can be unscrewed, so that the umbrella fits comfortably in a suitcase.

Sku: 800913

Brass plate with engraved Larusmiani logo
Unscrewable handle and tip
Made in Italy
Length: 92 cm
Length without handle and tip : 64 cm

Chestnut wood
Water resistant polyester fabric
For best product maintenance, always use specific caring products readily available on the market

The Regimental pattern refers to the Regimental tie, which was awarded to those who wore it after successfully completing the regimental rehearsal and subsequent brotherhood process. The meaning of the particular and very recognisable print motif is very similar to others commonly used in the military, namely that one must earn the stripes, which therefore functioned as a military insignia and also had to be worn along with civilian clothes to commemorate exploits in war.

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